Naad Yoga

Naad Teacher Training: Currently in Process

Naad Yoga is the essence of communication between the mind and the soul. Through the eternal sound current, learn the art of composing your life and experience healing, prosperity, joy and union with your higher self.

Join us for the first ever Naad Yoga Teacher Training in the USA!

Seventh Chakra & Raj Academy: Naad Yoga Training – Mastery of Sound

Led by Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh & Jasvir Rababan. A three-year teacher’s training
taking you on a journey through sound

The Yoga of Sound

Raj Academy offers Naad Yoga Teacher Training (NYTT) in the UK, Germany, Spain, the Canary Islands, and the USA. Naad Yoga Teacher Training is our most comprehensive course. It covers vocal training, listening skills, meditation in sound, the healing power of sound and its practical application, composition, and performance.

It includes instruction on one of six traditional Indian instruments: Rabab, Saranda, Sarangi, Jori, Taus and Dilruba. It is possible to follow the course vocally only if you do not wish to learn an instrument (although we strongly recommend you do, as it will strengthen your vocal progress).

Do you want to connect with your soul? Hear the voice of your mind? Sing your own song as the composer of your life?

The course leads you to master the communication between mind and soul, creating an inner balance that allows you to become the best version of yourself and making you capable of dealing with anything life might throw at you.

You will learn the techniques of Naad Yoga (or Nada Yoga), harnessing your voice, building up your ability to listen and connecting with your own emotional landscape.

Once you are effective in communication with yourself, you will be able to teach these techniques in communication with others. The course has a core module called Sangat & Seva, giving students the opportunity to step into the role of a teacher under the guidance of senior staff. Teaching others is the fastest way to mastery in any given subject.

The course has two levels: Level 1 (three years), and Level 2, a further year of development.

People undertake Naad Yoga Teacher Training because they wish to be active in the field of Naad (sound) for wellbeing. It is an intense programme of study in which you will be trained to accomplish:

  • Vocal and instrumental musical technique
  • A deep understanding of musicology, its purpose, and application
  • Healing, diagnostics, and therapy with Naad
  • Solo-standard musical performances
  • Meditation exercises with Naad.

Prospective students are not required to have any background in yoga or music. Previous experience of a yogic practice or musical knowledge may be beneficial but is not mandatory.

A Journey to the Sacred Power of Shabad Guru

Within sound, the seed of everything is carried. The whole creation is said to have poured out as the expression of the Creator. The Bible holds the Word equal to God, and Guru Nanak holds the Name of the Creator as the highest treasure.

Naad Yoga leads you to the essence of communication. It brings you understanding beyond intellect. It opens you to the higher self, creating an abundance of beauty in your experience of life and healing the wounds of misunderstandings.

Ancient scriptures pass down that listening and speaking are the most comprehensive and powerful of our faculties, corresponding to the fifth element of ether which contains all other elements. The sense of hearing is the first to appear and the last to disappear within the cycle of birth and death.

Our destiny and wellbeing are strongly affected by our ability to communicate, both with each other and inwards with our emotional reality – and through that to reach our soul’s connection to the undying unknown.


The training is designed to guide yogis and healers to the power of sound. Within the course:

  • you will experience Naad, the eternal sound current of creation
  • you will develop your voice as an expression of truth and beauty and learn to use it as a holistic remedy for yourself and others
  • you will gain skills in playing a sacred instrument
  • you will be able to teach Naad Yoga to others
  • you will learn to compose and perform your own music for higher purposes
  • you will understand the art and science of raags in theory and application, exploring the composition of the mind and the nature of moods and emotions
  • you will learn to apply your experience of Naad with wisdom to heal and elevate your patients, students, friends, and enemies, as well as yourself
  • you will find the guidance of life within Shabad Guru and find Shabad Guru in everything.
Annual Fee $2,400
12 Monthly Installments $200/month

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