Kundalini level-2

Mind & Meditation - July/August 2020

Aquarian Teacher KRI Level 2 Teacher Training: Mind and Meditation with Krishna Kaur Khalsa and Gurucharan Khalsa.

This is an opportunity to deepen your practice of meditation, and in turn establish, understand, and experience a stronger relationship with your mind.  Learn the nature of your own mind, so you can guide it with gentle, precision.

Our relationship with our own mind is central for understanding the core of our being (Satnam), our barriers, and resistances towards accepting it and our deep desire to fulfill our purpose.  We were born to accept and experience this earth, our humanity, and our divinity. The power of Meditation allows us to develop and act from neutrality, our Neutral Mind. From this space, we have access to more of who we are, our instincts, intuition, intelligence, and to lean on the Infinite through the sacred science known as Meditation.

Purpose of the teachings:

Learn to use the functional minds with fluency, understand the influence of the impersonal minds, cultivate shuniya (zero/stillness), and apply intuition and intelligence with ease and flexibility. Conquer your mind and conquer the world. Come into a relationship with your mind and the Self which transcends time and space and relates to the oneness of your identity with Infinity.

Key topics in this course are:

  • Enhance the depth of your understanding of meditation and experience deep meditations on the nine aspects of the mind.
  • Focus on your relationship with your own mind.
  • Increase your ability to observe neutrally, to become still, to clear your mind of distractions and intrigues, to recognize when you establish a state of shuniya, and to recognize the different functional parts of your mind.
  • Experience and practice the use of intuition as a primary skill of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
  • Learn the structure of the mind and examine the impersonal minds, the qualities of the mind, and the nine aspects of the mind.
  • Understand how to use the 27 projections of the mind.

Course Dates:     

Weekend #1 – July 18 & 19  |  Weekend #2 – July 25 & 26  |  Weekend #3 – August 8 & 9

Krishna Kaur KhalsaKrishna Kaur Khalsa is a dynamic, heart-centered Yoga teacher, began studying with Yogi Bhajan in 1970, and passionately taught the art and science of Kundalini Yoga and Self Awareness for 40 years. Her passion is sharing yogic tools to “Release Fear and Allow Joy” coupled with “Practicing Forgiveness” to the full spectrum of yoga practitioners

Gurucharan KhalsaGurucharan Singh Khalsa Ph.D. C-IAYT is a renowned teacher, consultant, and mentor. He worked personally with Yogi Bhajan as a co-founder of the Kundalini Research Institute and as director of training for over 35 years. He is an author, researcher, and is currently an affiliated scholar at Chapman University, works with the Institute of Quantum Studies and is core faculty in Integral Leadership at CIHS.

Priya JainPriya Jain Priya is the Founder/CEO of Seventh Chakra Yoga, Orange County’s first premier Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Studio. She is a 500 RYT, Certified by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) and recognized by IKYTA. Born and raised in India, Priya was exposed to a myriad of cultures, religions, philosophies, and yogic practices, early on, in her childhood. She believes that her firm foundation in the wisdom traditions of the East and curious application of science and practicality of the West gives her a unique perspective that allows the seamless bridging of the Heart and Mind. As she says, “ When the Heart and Mind complement each other, the friction of the internal polarities diminish and the triangulation of Harmony rules.” She completely embodies the qualities of her name, Priya, which in Sanskrit means “ The Beloved”.

Pre-registration (most economical!) $1,095 07/01/20 Payment due in full
Pre-registration payment plan $1,295 Deposit – $495 by 07/01/20
07/18/20 – $400
08/08/20 – $400
Registration (after 07/01/20) $1,395 Payment due in full
Registration payment plan (after 07/01/20) $1,495 Deposit – $595
07/18/20 – $450
08/08/20 – $450

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