21 Stages of Meditation

Registrations Opens Sept 15, 2019

Aquarian Teacher KRI Level 3 Teacher Training:
21 Stages of Meditation with Gurucharan Khalsa

This training is a deep learning experience of meditation. Comprised of three journeys of seven stages, taking you step by step into deeper levels of awareness. Master the basic skills of meditation and explore each stage both in theory and practice. This course invites you to enter a deep state of consciousness, self-realization, and finally feel the infinite pulse of creation.

In this course we will engage in three separate journeys; each journey is comprised of seven stages, taking you step by step into a deeper level of awakening and realization. We will move through the rudimentary skills of meditation to the deeper levels of awareness and integration. The stilling and focusing of the mind in order to merge in the infinite pulse of creation.

Your teacher for this course is the author of The 21 Stages of Meditation book Gurucharan Khalsa. Gurcharan offers a unique understanding and experience into different stages with keen insights into the particular qualities of each stage

There are no prerequisites for this course. The primary textbook for this course guides you through 21 Stages of Meditation as outlined by Yogi Bhajan. The 21 Stages of Meditation is part of the intensive group meditation requirement for the KRI Level Three program – REALIZATION.


  • Who can take this course?
    We’ve gotten a lot of questions about who can come – and the answer is anyone!
  • Do you practice a different style of meditation?
    This course will broaden the scope of what you understand meditation to be by opening new doors of perception in your life and in your practice.
  • Have you just started taking Kundalini Yoga?
    This course is a great foundation for deepening your understanding of meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan.
  • Are you a Kundalini Yoga Teacher?
    This course will deepen your practice and provide the skills you need to help you identify where your students are at and how to take them further.
  • I’ve taken this journey before, should I take it again?
    Yes! Each time you approach these powerful meditative practices you are in a different place in your life and will have different experiences and insights. This is a course that is meant to be repeated. Returning students to KRI’s Teacher Training courses in Espanola enjoy a 10% discount.
  • Have you been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga for years?
    This course will reawaken your passion for the practice and provide the groundwork for a new understanding of how far you have come and where you want to go.

Course Dates:     

 Weekend #1 – January 11-12  |  Weekend #2 – January 18-19  |  Weekend #3 – January 25-26


Gurucharan KhalsaGurucharan Singh Khalsa Ph.D. C-IAYT is a renowned teacher, consultant, and mentor. He worked personally with Yogi Bhajan as a co-founder of the Kundalini Research Institute and as director of training for over 35 years. He is an author, researcher, and is currently an affiliated scholar at Chapman University, works with the Institute of Quantum Studies and is core faculty in Integral Leadership at CIHS.

He brings his humor and deep heart to each class. His classes and mentoring meld practical experiences in meditation with powerful techniques for personal transformation. His courses bring together clinical expertise, scientific insights, and love for the authentic path each of us has. He is president of Advancing Human Awareness, Inc. and resides with his wife in Southern California.

Priya JainPriya Jain Priya is the Founder/CEO of Seventh Chakra Yoga, Orange County’s first premiere Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Studio. She is a 500 RYT, Certified by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) and recognized by IKYTA. Born and raised in India, Priya was exposed to a myriad of cultures, religions, philosophies and yogic practices, early on, in her childhood. She believes that her firm foundation in the wisdom traditions of the East and curious application of science and practicality of the West gives her a unique perspective that allows the seamless bridging of the Heart and Mind. As she says, “ When the Heart and Mind compliment each other, the friction of the internal polarities diminish and the triangulation of Harmony rules.” She completely embodies the qualities of her name, Priya, which in Sanskrit means “ The Beloved”.

Pre-registration (full course) $1,050 Until 12/15/19, payment due in full
Pre-registration Payment Plan (full course)  $1,125 Until 12/15/19, $325 deposit &
$400 payment on January 11th & January 18th
Pre-registration Per Day (indiviudal days) $189/each Until 12/15/19
Registration payment $1,125 After 12/15/19, payment due in full
Registration Payment Plan $1,200  After 12/15/19, $400 deposit &
$400 payment on January 11th & January 18th
Registration Per Day (indiviudal days) $230/each  After 12/15/19