Inner awakening

Spark the Spirit Within

For individuals and couples

The very nature of existence is Tension, Pressure, Stress and Friction. As long as we fight this phenomenon, we will struggle to feel the weightlessness of pure joy and authentic love. Engaging a unique combination of physical, nutritional, spiritual, psychological techniques, we will learn to build our physical, emotional and mental capacity. We will harness our inner energies and power to propel ourselves forward, effortlessly into a life that is purposeful, joyous and vital.

When we allow external circumstances to govern our lives, life is seldom rewarding. It is time to refuse the imprisonment and limits caused by accepting our outer restrictions and inner constrictions.

Become the Driver of your life and direct your circumstances.

Invest your time to master your body and mind. They will then become your friends and your emotions will serve you as your family.

Go into the heart of your aspirations, dreams, hopes and despairs. Dive deep into the mute cravings of your inner self. Life is manifesting through all these channels and demanding that you seek understanding with your highest intelligence, wisdom, love and vision.

Together let us strike up the conversations that will uncover the Lessons. We will then equip you with the necessary tools that can allow you to be the Master Driver of your Life.


Clarity, guidance, direction, devoted support, motivation, confidentiality and powerful physical, emotional and psychological tools to create deep, long lasting changes in attitudes, behaviors and perspectives.

Your Specialized LIFE Program Includes:

  • 4x (1.5 hours each) 1-on-1 Counseling sessions with Select Seventh Chakra Yoga Teachers. ($400 Value)
  • 4x (1 hour each) over the phone consultations. ($250 Value)
  • 10 class pass valid for specific classes and Teachers at Seventh Chakra Yoga ($135 Value)

Cost of the Program: $699.00

If you feel that you benefit from the classes at Seventh Chakra Yoga and would like to use the science of Yoga, Humanology and Spiritual Psychology to bridge the gap between WHERE you are in your life and WHO you desire to become.