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Registration & Details For Our 2020 Retreats Are Coming

I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me. The wonder of engaging life in the present moment free of ingrained patterns. Is it possible? We will be having an 8-day adventure in experiencing the present moment in the
beautiful Mayan tropics of the Yucatan: Tulum, MX

Join Seventh Chakra Yoga on a 8-day / 7-night retreat exploring ways in which we access and experience the present moment.

From this hour, freedom! From this hour I ordain myself loose of limits and imaginary lines. Going where I may, my own master total and absolute, Listening to others, considering well what they say, Pausing, searching, receiving, contemplating, Gently, but with undeniable will, divesting myself of the holds that would hold me.

The Open Road is our calling to be free from self-imposed bonds and restriction, so we can enjoy the richness & abundance in any moment. This will be a relaxing retreat in a beautiful private residence with jungle paths, cenotes, and snorkeling in our backyard. There will be a combination of planned activities and plenty of time to relax, read or explore the Tulum or Playa Del Carmen area.

Each day will start with morning sadhana, conversation over breakfast and a late morning talk and contemplative exercise for the day. Mid-days are open you do do what you want. Evenings will contain some different group activities, Q&A sessions, deep shares, deep breathwork, and specially chosen meditations.

There are plenty of local activities and experiences: one's list below are included:
* Tulum Mayan Ruins
* Akumal Turtle Beach - swim with turtles
* Snorkeling Behind Our House
* Cenote Adventures (2 cenotes)
* 1/2 day Catamaran & Snorkel Trip
* Day Trip to Playa del Carmen
* and More…

This retreat will be a well-balanced combination of leisure, relaxation, meditation, expedition, sightseeing, fun and shopping.

Depart: LOS ANGELES to CANCUN, MX on Nov 29rd, 2019
Return: CANCUN to LOS ANGELES on Dec 6th, 2019

Luxury private home, 7 Dinner | 4 Lunches | 7 Breakfast, transfers to/from Airport (coordinate), Tulum Mayan Ruins, Akumal Turtle Beach, Cenote Adventures (2 cenotes), 1/2 day Catamaran & Snorkel Trip & Day Trip to Playa del Carmen

Not Included:
Airfare to/ from Mexico, Outside tours and activities, Any cost in Mexico before or after travel dates.

Cost: (limited 16 guests)
Depending on room: $1600 - $2150

$750 non-refundable deposit is due at registration. All payments due by 8/30/19

Pictures of Tulum Retreat

2018 Japji – Santa Rosa

JAPJI IMMERSION RETREAT: Thursday, May 24-28, 2018.
5 days & 4 nights at a Murrieta Ranch

Seventh Chakra Retreats are intended to be full immersion, so we can have experiences outside of our normal routine. We have student unplug and in this silence without distractions, there is the potential for new and deeper connection with oneself. Our retreat are solely designed and organized to support your connecting and experience.

Discover the insight, power and beauty of the Japji.

Elevate and access self External realities are easy to see, But internal realities like love and fear are harder to map. And subtler still, the most sophisticated reality of all – the reality of the Spirit, is the toughest to grasp by the mind. To receive it, it has to be experienced. Listening to, Understanding, and reciting the Japji, our mind experiences the same phenomenal presence of the Spirit, as Guru Nanak did when the Japji was being uttered through him.

This is my personal experience with Japji.  When I translate or share the essence of Japji, I feel the presence of Guru Nanak enveloping me with effervescent Grace. Words halt and only tears manage to express the simultaneous innocent simplicity and magnificent brilliance of ‘That’, which permeates everything and everyone. Through these 5 days of Japji immersion, my humble prayer is that we can collectively share this ecstatic state of Grace and receive immense healing at all levels of our being.
~ Priya

Affordable for all budgets. Your contribution will range from $250 – $1250 based on your accommodation choice. Along with our immersion experience, we will make meals together, enjoy beautiful hikes, night-time sound baths and morning sadhana among the beautiful oak trees.

Pictures from this retreat

2016 Touring India

An Invitation to a Sacred Wedding and a Spiritual Journey:

June 24th-July 7th 13 days & 14 nights

Golden Temple Join Seventh Chakra Yoga on our 13 day / 14 night Spiritual Journey to India, to experience the path of pilgrimage, spirituality, and connection as we adventure through Himalayan destinations that vibrate with healing energy and ancient mystery.

This retreat will be a well-balanced combination of leisure, relaxation, meditation, expedition, sightseeing, fun and shopping.


LOS ANGELES to NEW DELHI, INDIA on June 24th, 2016


NEW DELHI to LOS ANGELES on July 7th, 2016.


Luxury hotel stay, all meals, transfers within India (privately chauffeured cars, domestic flight), attraction tickets

Not Included:

Airfare to/ from India, Outside tours and activities, Any cost in India before or after travel dates.


Double Occupancy: $3600
Single Occupancy: $4300

$1800 deposit due at registration. All payments due by 4/30/16

Our Destinations:

Amritsar(Golden Temple)
Rishikesh (The Land of the Gods)
New Delhi (The Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple)
Agra (The Taj Mahal)
Chandigarh (The Open Hand Monument)
and More…

Pictures from this retreat

2016 Santa Barbara

VALENTINE RETREAT: February 12-15, 2015.
4 days & 3 nights in the Santa Barbara Mountains

This Valentine's Weekend, we invite you to join us on a journey of Self Exploration:
The Rules, Roles, Responsibilities, and Realities of Relationships.

Understand, Evolve, Heal, Chant and Merge

Relationships are one of the most rewarding—as well as one of the most frustrating—aspects of our existence. Whether in intimate or work settings, the quality of our relationships has an enormous impact on our careers, our self-esteem, and our lives.

Most of us struggle with poor models of relationships that are born of traumas, emotional abandonment, untrained emotional reactions, and family history. Our struggles and patterns (samskaras) operate behind the scenes in the unconscious realm guiding how we relate to ourselves, others, the worlds around us. As we bring them into our conscious awareness, we need tools and maps to help us to navigate these new spaces.

How can we find the sense of belonging within ourselves that we long for so we can with confidence engage and uncertain world of relationships?

Throughout our retreat we’ll be touching on:

• Creating a healthy relationship with your Self
• Your vision for a healthy relationship
• Pattern Recognition
• Your relationship history and how to heal it
• Creating healthy patterns of ownership, communication and responsiveness
• Nurturing and re-igniting an existing relationship
• Also includes your relationship with food (we will learn how to cook vegetarian and Indian food)

Retreat Pricing

Double occupancy in private rooms: $699 Per Person (10 openings)
Community Room: $550 Per Person (2 openings)

Includes Lodgings, Meals and snacks, Yoga and Meditation
Workshops, Cooking classes and Private Counseling

Pictures from this retreat