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 Dena Says “Seventh Chakra Yoga focuses on the spiritual side of yoga by offering a number of Kundalini yoga classes. …”

Rebecca Says “Such a great Yoga studio! A real gem in this area….I would totally recommend taking…

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CBS LOCAL calls Seventh Chakra Yoga as “Best Yoga Studios in Orange County”

Seventh Chakra Yoga focuses on the spiritual side of yoga by offering a number of Kundalini yoga classes. This yoga method utilizes meditation to help the energy sitting at the base of the spine flow. Breath and increased mind-body control are important to healing the routine damage nervous and glandular systems sustain, so classes work to address these injuries. This small studio focuses less on competition and more on atmosphere, encouraging athletes to share and become connected with each other. Seventh Chakra Yoga also offers hatha and vinyasa classes as well as corporate programs for companies interested in improving productivity and worker morale.

Dena N.

I’m a first timer and I’ve only worked with Nikki but my experience has been one that has made me want to explore more into the yoga world. Nikki was very calm and soothing in her approach… she was also very accommodating to me being pregnant and working with the rest of the group who was not. I’m looking forward to doing more yoga after my baby and using it for relaxation and toning!

A C.

Highly Recommended!! Seventh Chakra Yoga offers a very unique yet powerful and uplifting experience. It’s not just not about the right pose but about creating energy flow in your body, creating self-awareness(Meditation) and creating compassion for self. Priya is a highly skilled Kundalini Yoga teacher who effortlessly gives every student a customized experience . Bottom line, call her today…I highly recommend her.

Rebecca B..

Such a great Yoga studio! A real gem in this area….I would totally recommend taking a class here. It’s a really new studio so the classes that I have been to have been small and ideal if you are new to Kundalini Yoga. The setting is amazing, really beautiful decor, you really do feel like you are in India. It was my first time trying it and I felt amazing after my first class. Dylan does an early morning 7am, he is really motivating and informative and after his class I felt ready for my day. I am a fashion designer so i have a highly stressful job,and have been looking for a class to help me both creatively and relieving the stress and strains of the day. I am so glad this studio just opened! I also was told that they occasionally have a gong player! sounds very unique!

Kiersten Hall

I love EVERYTHING about Seventh Chakra Yoga and feel Kundalini yoga is the missing puzzle piece to my life. I would love a monthly newsletter. Thank you

Reatha Klemme

Whether you have been a life long student of yoga or have only perhaps had a passing thought to give yoga a try, you owe it to yourself to visit Seventh Chakra Yoga. As a massage therapist for 25 years, I am often asked by my clients, “what would be the best thing to do for my health if I only have time for one thing?” and my answer has always been, “Yoga!” However, now that yoga has become so mainstream and accessible, it’s much easier to find yoga, but much more difficult to find an exceptional yoga experience.

Priya Jain, the director of Seventh Chakra Yoga is a woman with rare and extraordinary gifts who was born to teach. Her wisdom, insight, and the pureness of her generosity have culminated, along with a group of equally dedicated teachers; in creating a sanctuary for body, mind, and spirit that you will take with you long after you leave its doors.

Dr. Nanette Mitchell, working in internal medicine at Memorial Prompt Care in Huntington Beach .

We’re seeing a lot of stress and anxiety with the economy,” said Mitchell, a Huntington Beach resident. “So I encourage a lot of people to do yoga. It’s more effective than drugs.

Shaun M

I was impressed and found the Seventh Chakra Yoga studio to exceed my expectations. I signed up for the 8:30am Sunday morning class with Lucy. I was greeted with a warm smile and felt welcomed there. I am at the beginner level and I found Lucy to be a gifted teacher. She showed hospitality by setting up a space for me. The environment was contemplative and thoughtfully executed creating an oasis. I found her instruction to be descriptive and easy to follow. I learned new postures and how to breath with my movements. The class ended with me feeling rejuvenated and ready to start my Sunday. I would recommend the classes at Seventh Chakra Yoga.

Holly Cone

My journey with Kundalini Yoga started two years and three months ago. I had been suffering for many years
in both physical and mental pain from many aspects of my life. Physically, my back pain was so terrible
that I had to sleep on the recliner chair for years. The Chiropractor advised that I need special care for a year and maybe surgery to cure after looking at the X-ray.


For mental pain, I had wondered that why it’s me who received “black cloud” and “hate” all the time? Maybe I
have to pay for my previous bad Karma because I am not an ugly, mean person in this life and always try to be

I thought yoga can help me to get out of the maze. I had tried some other types of yoga but was not
satisfied. One day in the end of April, 2010, as a routine I dropped off my daughter for her dance class and ready to kill some time by scouting the Home Depot. Suddenly, she shouted, “Mama look! here is a yoga place just opened. Why don’t you try it out while waiting for me”.


I saw a pretty young Indian lady who just went inside the studio, so I walked in. Now, I know that was Priya. She gave me a warm hug, “I have been waiting for you” she said. “Huh?” I said in my head “how can you say
that when we have never met before?”. At the same moment, I heard the voice in my head, “It is what I have
searched for”. It sounds like a mystery miracle but it is! Few months later, I asked Priya “why did you say
that you had been waiting for me?”. She answered that sometimes the answer comes from her consciousness
and in that stage things happen beyond our mind abilities.

Whatever it was, my life has changed since then.

My severe back pain had gone after about a couple weeks of only one time practicing per week (as being a
busy mom). Up to now, it comes back here and there as a minor pain but I know how to cure it by using Kundalini techniques. My immune system and allergies have been improved tremendously. I have changed in the positive way and people surrounding me recognized and benefited about it, my husband, kids, friends…

I want to live my life happily beyond all this chaos while I am in it.It is no doubt that the purpose of my life is
merging back with my origin. I realized that Kundalini yoga is my friend to help me keep going on this long and
challenging journey.