Reviews From Our Gong Enthusiasts

Lemience Zarka

Peter’s Gong Training opened me up to the tantric relationships that pattern our dance on this earth. The gong is just the starting point for exploring sound, your emotions, your habits, relationality, the workings of energy, and so many other things. You get to delve into the science behind sound, to peek into the mystery of how the gong affects us so deeply. There is a science to the gong, which you can integrate into the art

of playing to create a powerful immersion experience.

You’ll definitely learn the mechanics of playing the gong, too! One of the best things about Peter is that he is so ‘non-denominational’. He will learn from anyone that will teach him, and he also has a beautifully

curious relationship with the Gong that yields amazing techniques. So learning from Peter means learning a wide variety of playing styles, all of which are rooted in your own intuitive relationship with the gong.

Debbie Dixon

Owner, Yoga Body & Soul
Placentia, CA

I just wanted to write you a quick note to express my gratitude and appreciation for the Gong Training at Seventh Chakra Yoga. I love gongs. I now own 3 of them. I believe they are very effective sound healing instruments and I enjoyed spending 2 days with you and others who love gongs as much as I do. My gong playing skills deepened and improved. I enjoyed learning about sound and how it works to heal body, mind and spirit. And I benefited from the lectures, text book and practice sessions. It was fun experimenting with different playing techniques and mallets. It was also wonderful to have the opportunity to participate in a 2 hour Gong Bath and play the beautiful Sun and Earth Gongs at Seventh Chakra Yoga.

Thank you for providing an excellent gong experience!

Valeria Spitsyna

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to have gong training with Peter at 7th Chakra Yoga studio. I appreciate the variety of learning modes used during the training; they consisted of a powerpoint presentation, lecture, group discussion and hands on time. One of my favorite parts of the training was learning about the physiological and emotional effects of the sound.

The cozy atmosphere of the studio in a combination with an individual guidance made my experience very enjoyable and relaxed. I am thankful to receive the foundation for understanding the magic surrounding playing a gong from 7th Chakra studio and will take my acquired knowledge to further explore my experience with a gong.