Seventh Chakra Yoga offers an unparalleled experiential practice in Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Meditation, Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Prenatal and Kids Yoga

All classes at Seventh Chakra Yoga are designed to take you on a journey of balance moving within, into a space of mindfulness and allowing and then building the inner fire to experience both an inward and outward expression of strength and surrender, giving and receiving. Through these practices, we cultivate a deep sense of presence, surrender, and ease to connect with the more internal aspects of our experience.

The age old wisdom of Kundalini Yoga’s technology takes you on a dynamic journey into self through asana, kriya, pranayama, Mantra or silent Meditations and free movements, dancing and much much more. Every class is unique and set to music and a theme.

At Seventh Chakra Yoga we do not differentiate between easy and difficult levels in classes. All classes vary by energetic quality of the practice. We encourage our students to learn to listen to their body and modify their practice based on their current state, under the guidance of our heart centered Teachers. In doing so, “advanced” practitioners maintain the “beginner’s mind” and “beginners” are invited to explore their energetic edges at their own pace. All movements are accessible to all students, and your teachers will offer suggestions throughout to ensure all are able to participate. Those with injuries might experience deep levels of healing. Those with limitations will be in a compassionate space to move through them.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga practice is a process of transformation. Using specific sets of exercises (Kriyas) to stimulate and organize pranic energy, you are delivered to a specific energetic state — particularly one of greater awareness.

Also within the practice are built-in moments of stillness where we sit quietly and awaken to our Self. The breathwork within the kriyas is so powerful that it starts to strip away the layers that veil our consciousness, and in the sweet moments between poses we can sense the fullness of who we are. The kriyas work on strengthening the nervous system, balancing the glandular system, purifying the body and calming the mind.

Almost everyone who has practiced Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with an open mindhas experienced sensations of bliss, feeling naturally high and filled with a sense of connection and joy. Various techniques of meditation (like silent, pranayama, mantra and Naad) are used to provoke and confront the very core of who you are both physically and mentally.

You will learn to stay present and accept pleasure and pain as part of thejourney to health and balance. Our ego naturally leans towards pleasure and comfort. It takes concerted effort and discipline to begin to release the ego’s grip on our consciousness.

Meditations within Kundalini yoga are multifaceted. You can do the simplest forms, such as breath awareness or simple mantra, or explore more elaborate meditations where there is a specific breath, mantra and mudra that all work together to balance different aspects of the mind and body. When practiced for 40–120 days, the result is pure magic!

Kundalini yoga is not to be taken lightly. It is like an express train that shakes and wakes you up. We sincerely encourage you to have an experience of Kundalini yoga for yourself. It will add depth and richness to your existing experience of life.

Studio Etiquette

  • If you are new to the studio, please arrive 15 minutes before class begins to meet your teacher and fill out a new student form.
  • When entering the studio, breathe, let go and open yourself to be embraced by our loving community of peers and teachers.
  • Please remove your shoes before entering the Yoga practice room, although you may bring your bag/belongings with you.
  • We offer a space free of distracting sounds and use of cell phones. Please turn off or silence your phones before storing them.
  • Please do not wear strong perfume or cologne, as your fellow yogis may be sensitive.
  • For your convenience, we have extra mats, blankets and pillows for use incase you don’t own one yet or forgot to bring one with you. We offer free Seventh Chakra Herbal Tea and Water at the studio.
  • It is helpful to practice on an empty stomach (try not to eat 2 hours before class or just eat a light snack).
  • Come to class well hydrated.
  • Before class begins, please inform your teacher of any injuries or health issues you may have.
  • Seventh ChakraYoga is a non-competitive space of self discovery. Practice self-compassion, non-judgement, and ease. Find your own pace and breathe there. Allow your journey to be one of transformation and freedom.
  • Neatly return any blankets, mats or pillows to the designated spots.
  • We encourage you to ask questions. Kundalini Yoga is a rich practice backed by the technology of how breath, sound, and movement affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Whether it’s a question about the practice of Kundalini Yoga or how to do a particular pose, we’d love to hear from you!