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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 (2017-2018)

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Teacher training (2012-2013)
Teacher training (2013-2014)

Why do Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training?

Something very powerful is happening on the planet. We are at a critical juncture of our personal, political and planetary evolution and all of these are directly linked. In our own ways we are all learning to overcome fear, anger, separateness and judgment. We are all here to set ourselves free from the cobwebs and chains that bind us, release the struggle, and experience love and life on this planet.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 is a program designed for everyone ,whether you are new to Kundalini Yoga or a seasoned Kundalini junkie, whether you wish to teach Kundalini Yoga or just want to deepen your knowledge and experience. This program is more than just a certification……It is a deeply healing process that will gently guide you towards a multidimensional transformation within the layers of your being. It is a journey towards self-commitment, self-love and a deep connection with everything that exists in the Universe. This course provides you with tools, techniques, and a unique discipline to direct your everyday life with an amazing awareness, so that you can live each moment of your life, in your highest human capacity.

It is guaranteed to carry you to new dimensions of personal power and peace. There is only one requirement— YOU have to do it! You are in charge … no one else can do it for you!

Self-discovery is not possible without spending some time with yourself. Kundalini Yoga Teacher training program does not have to take all your time. We meet approximately one weekend a month for 11 months to study, practice, experience and learn how to distribute our attention evenly between body, mind and spirit and mark the path to happiness. This even distribution transcends time-space and heals the impossible, understands the undeniable, achieves the impossible and manifests pure happiness. The process involves releasing ourselves from illusions, issues, and past programming and beliefs that no longer serve us.

  • * Become Aware
  • * Acknowledge who you are
  • * Experience the Kundalini Energy
  • * Clear the past
  • * Release old habits and thought patterns
  • * Release the struggle mode
  • * Get Emotional Clarity
  • * Self love and acceptance
  • * Responsibility
  • * Open yourself to receive
  • * Align with The Universal Energy
  • * And Much Much More

In order for us to be able to guide you through personal attention on this transformational journey, we are only enrolling 26 students this year. If you feel, you are ready to embark on this journey, please enroll promptly to guarantee your spot. If you have any questions/doubts/blocks (emotional, physical or financial) which you feel are preventing you from the most important journey in your life, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

This is a time of truth, a time of light, a time of love and time of enlightenment. 
Choose to step through your fears and inertia . The time is now to Decide and step through.
Remember: There is a way through every block!

~ Priya Jain
(Administrative Director and Owner of Seventh Chakra Yoga)
Contact : (714) 965 7770

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What our recent Teacher Training Graduates are saying about their experience

• Peace, love, light and acceptance floods from Seventh Chakra Yoga Studio and owner/teacher, Priya. From the first Kundalini yoga class that I took there, to my Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training, I always felt peace and love that becomes almost contagious. The journey of finding Kundalini yoga has changed my life beyond words. It has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself thus far in my life. The chance to study this sacred technology, has brought to me a gift of love and bliss that truly is hard to describe. All of this has been possible for me due to the high and pure intentions of Priya and all of the teacher/trainers that walk through the doors of Seventh Chakra Yoga. My life is forever changed, my path forever evolving, because of the vision Priya had ,to share this sacred opportunity with others. My best wishes of love and light to Priya, all of the teachers/trainers, and lastly all of my Brothers and Sisters of humanity who choose to further this life’s journey. May we all recognize, honor and keep sacred the divine oneness we share. Sat nam one and all! — Cher Mang (Siri Ravi Kaur)

• The Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is a wonderful gift that you give to yourself so that you can then share it with others. My Teacher Training actually began on my birthday…such a blessing I gave to myself. The journey was truly a rebirthing, with many twists and turns that were all in Divine Order, so that I could move forward in my purpose in life. I truly experienced “Sat Nam”, my true identity, and most importantly learned to accept, embrace and love who I am. It gave me the freedom to “BE ME”. Also, the love and warmth that flowed freely from all the Teachers, filled my heart and allowed me to continue on the path. Now with the technology of Kundalini Yoga, I have more tools to live my life in a state of PEACE. — Susan Hamel Rodrigues

• My favorite part of the teacher training program has been meeting all the amazing people in our group. To spend time with people who see the world in a similar way and are all about love and raising consciousness has really strengthened these things about myself. I have taken away from this experience a deeper understanding of myself, and my connection to others. I feel more assured in my role in this world and how to live life in ease and bliss. I also have begun to notice a lack of moods; I definitely have feelings and reactions to things, but I don’t have sweeping moods or ups and downs. Just kind of a blissful curiosity, with emotions that are useful information about the current situation and state of my ego and attachments. My favorite aspect of the training was probably the day with Aykanna. Their relationship and music was very inspiring, and I believe that weekend was a pivotal one for me in teacher training program. Also every time we say Sat Nam And lastly, here is the quote I gave Tracy for our yearbook: “What a truly amazing, life changing experience. I thought meeting soul mates was a rare thing; little did I know I just had to take Teacher Training at Seventh Chakra to meet 25 of them. I love you all and look forward to our continued adventures.” Thanks for all you have done. Seventh Chakra is a magical place, an oasis of peace and love in the midst of what can be a hurried and chaotic life. :)