Science and Art of Motion

We are going to investigate the art and scienceof Motion this week, one of yoga’s three componentsthat work in conjunction with breath.The science of motion gives us observable, measurable and well-understood facts aboutthe yogic postures (exercises), and theireffects on our heart rate, our calorie usage, our strength and flexibility.   All very measurable and quantifiable.The art of motion...
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Science of Yoga

Yoga has 22 different branches that have been developed and standardized over many millenniums. They range from Bhakti yoga, which focuses on devotion, to Mantra yoga, which centers on sound, to western society’s favorite yoga, Hatha, which perfects the physical body. A lesser-known yoga, Kundalini is unique in how it layers components from different branches of yoga to combine and magnify...
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Science & Art of Breath

Life is what we make it, so in our modern culture, are we making it to be more complex than it needs to be?  We live in the richest time in human history.   We have food, physical security, freedom, mobility and unlimited knowledge at our finger tips.  What’s a better gauge of our progress…..Our technological advancements and riches or our happiness?  With every thing that we have...
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