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Seventh Chakra Yoga is a home for love, relaxation and upliftment, and rejoicing. It is an Authentic and Heart Centered Yoga studio with range of classes. Specializing in the super science of Kundalini Yoga, our deeply insightful teachers help you in moving the Pranic Kundalini Energy through the circuit of your chakras. Kundalini Yoga is the only yoga that has a direct positive impact on your Nervous and Glandular system in as little as 3 minutes. With its sophisticated combination of physical postures, controlled breathing, the use of Sound, conscious mindfulness, focused attention and positive attitudes, Kundalini Yoga possesses the ability to change your stress filled life into one of peacefulness, tranquility and connectedness. Side effects: 1. You will always wear a smile on your face after you walk out from the studio. 2. Your heart will warm up with love and gratitude for your life. 3. You will slowly (without even being aware of it) get connected from the heart to everyone in your community. 4. You will start spreading your contagious Joy to everyone you meet. 5. You will not be overwhelmed by anything that life throws at you. If you can embrace all of the above, bring yourself to the Studio, and see what it feels to be completely accepted as who you are and then balance your body, mind and soul in order to become who you want to be.

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1. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
2. Yoga for Stress Relief and Relaxation
3. Yoga for breaking habitual addictive patterns
4. Hatha Yoga
5. Vinayasa Yoga
6. Prenatal Yoga
7. Kids Yoga
8. CorporateYoga
9.  Private Session for Yoga and Counseling


 Dena Says “Seventh Chakra Yoga focuses on the spiritual side of yoga by offering a number of Kundalini yoga classes. …”

Rebecca Says “Such a great Yoga studio! A real gem in this area….I would totally recommend taking…

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Priya is a contributing staff writer for the Health and Wellness section of the Weekly Publication “The Notice” by the Legal Aid Society of Orange County.

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